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Assessment Centres

It’s how you React, not Reason that employers want to see!


Assessments Centres are very common additions to companies’ recruitment and selection processes. They are a valuable benchmarking exercise for companies to assess individuals against their peers usually done in conjunction with aptitude tests and interviews.

Required to take part in individual and team tasks the Assessment Centre allows employers see people in real-time and assess how the person reacts in a pressure or stressful situation as opposed to their hypothetical reasoning in an interview. There’s a big difference!

Understanding your core competencies and how you present these under pressure can really help you prepare for such scenarios.

Too often people over compensate when presenting at Assessment Centres and instead of highlighting their potential they demonstrate personality traits employers would prefer to avoid!

At Cú Chulainn Consultancy I work with companies when hiring staff and the Assessment Centre can be a very useful way of seeing the real person behind the interviewee mask.

Having worked in the Pharmaceutical sector and being involved with the co-ordination of Assessment Centres in the selection process I am expert at helping you showcase your talents and in particular your interpersonal and team working skills.

Presenting the authentic You is always the best approach. Let me help you do just that.

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