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Interview Preparation

Your role at interview is to showcase the authentic You. We help you do just that!


Too often interviews are seen as examinations rather than conversations! Clients simply want to meet and assess people for their suitability (i.e. Fit) for the role and existing team.

They are choosing to meet you and aren’t trying to catch you out. Many Candidates when invited to interview focus on the multitude of things that can go
wrong or the endless possibilities to question types and answers. STOP!

The key to performing well at interview starts long before the event. It requires
Preparation and Confidence. At Cú Chulainn Consultancy my focus is on preparing you not just for an interview but to showcase who you really are; at interview and beyond. By achieving clarity on your core competencies, correlation of your transferable skills to the job at hand and confidence in your communication delivery you are gaining life-long skills that surpass any interview requirement.

The process is simple!

Session one allows me to assess your current interview
performance level and company knowledge. After which, I introduce you to practical and tangible techniques that will increase your interview awareness.

Session two is a Competency-Based mock-interview and feedback session where we review your overall preparation and improved communication style.

Always specific and constructive I provide unbiased critical analysis to ensure you can confidently present and showcase the REAL YOU at interview.

Why not call me for a free 15-minute consultation today?
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