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Job Application Form Preparation

Many organisations in the private and public sector opt for candidates to submit
Application forms as opposed to Cover Letters alongside their CV’s when applying for positions.


On the surface this appears a relatively straight forward task. However, many people struggle with this aspect of the recruitment and selection process leading to
misrepresentations of skillsets and under-selling of core competencies.

Favoured particularly by the public sector, most application forms are structured to be competency based. This means it is not simply a synopsis of your academic or work history to-date but an evidence based document seeking specific examples of the core competencies required to complete the job effectively.

This Application form in turn forms the basis of the Competency based interview and requires a significant amount of time and consideration before submitting.
With an excellent track record of success in this regard I work with clients in the
preparation and submission of Application forms ensuring not only are examples
provided but the very best ones are showcased. This prepares my clients for not only the Application form submission but the upcoming interview to follow! It’s a 2-in-1 engagement.

Through two consultation sessions we unearth the required examples for inclusion on the Application Form and this allows you to become more confident in your interview preparation.

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