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Masters Application Forms

Many colleges are very selective about who secures a role on their Master’s


Nowadays, more and more students are going on to study at Master’s degree level to be ready for the competitive job market that awaits.

In order to be considered for many of these competitive courses applicants are required to write a Cover Letter or Personal Statement.

This letter or statement should outline your suitability for the programme not based purely on your academic achievement’s to-date but how you intend on using the qualification in the future.

You will become an advocate for the programme and colleges seek only those who
will be the best fit for the particular programme now and in the future.

At Cú Chulainn Consultancy I work with students in the Mayo, Galway, Sligo region with tremendous success creating compelling correlations between my client’s skillsets and their suitability for selection.

With a keen focus on integrity we create authentic personal statements only that truly represent you and your potential for the programme.

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