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Organisational Health Check-Up

When’s the last time you gave your Business a health check-up?


I do just that! There are so many considerations when effectively operating your business. From people and project management to finance and operational responsibilities. Typically, business success can be measured in eleven core areas and just like humans we all need to have a regular check-up to ensure we are operating at optimal levels.

The Organisational Health Check-Up is the ideal way for Business owners to review and evaluate how your business is performing and identify areas possibly requiring improvement.

Through a series of customisable questions in each area of your business the OHC is taken by the key stakeholders and pinpoints exactly where inefficiencies may exist and allows you focus solely on those areas. It’s simple to use, practically designed and makes the often intangible, tangible!

There are real take aways from this exercise that affect profit margins.

OHC is a product designed and owned by Innermetrix of which I am a certified Consultant.

Personal – How does the individual feel in the organisation?
Employee Alignment – Is everyone driving results and profitability?
Personnel – How effectively do your leaders lead?
Team Effectiveness – How strong are your teams?
Leadership – How trusted and inspiring is your leadership?
Strategy & Planning – How secure is your strategy?
Customer Service – How loyal are your customers?
Sales & Marketing – Does your pitch resonate & sell?
Operations – Do you run efficient and quality operations?
Cultural – How cohesive and beneficial is your culture?
Management – How effectively do you manage things?

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