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Outplacement Programmes

Reward loyalty and pay it forward!


The best companies value the contributions of their loyal and committed staff when facing a redundancy or downsizing situation and they are keen to help them prepare for the future.

It may not be what was planned but now it’s time to prepare your outgoing staff for new challenges at a time when their confidence may be at an all-time low.

Redundancies can be comparable to the grieving process and often companies want to help support their loyal colleagues through the transitioning process. Many companies can’t provide this vital service themselves and so an outplacement programme delivered by an expert is the ideal way to do this.

As a Recruitment and HR Specialist I expertly assess individual’s readiness for the job market. Through a series of customised sessions I review all aspects of the person’s preparations and presentation skills to ensure their transferable skills are evident.

From a basic package to a management level engagement process incorporating personality profiling and job benchmarking I work with each individual to help them prepare for the upcoming recruitment & selection process with a renewed sense of confidence.

Having worked with many of Ireland’s leading companies in this capacity I deliver a bespoke service worthy of the recognition of service from their outgoing employer whilst maximising the individual’s potential to future employers.

Outplacement Packages include many of the following;

  • Curriculum Vitae Preparation
  • Cover Letter Preparation
  • Application Preparation
  • Aptitude Tests Assessments
  • Interview Skills Coaching
  • Presentation Skills Preparation
  • Assessment Centre Preparation
  • Career Action Planning – SMART goal setting
  • Job benchmarking
  • Personality Profiling – DISC, Values, Core Competencies
For more information on my outplacement service please contact me for a complimentary consultation session.
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