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Recruitment Management Services

When it’s not your thing, let the experts in!


At Cú Chulainn I am that Expert. With over 20 years’ experience of handling many of Ireland’s leading organisations and multinational’s recruitment needs I offer the perfect solution to your hiring hassles.

Recruitment and selection processes can be expensive and arduous projects. From designing the job specification to advertising & administration the amount of time and resources needed to manage even a simple campaign can lead to frustration and failure.

Securing the right talent can take months and typically only 5% of applicants are
suitable. You still have to acknowledge and administer the remaining 95% to ensure reputational integrity – this is one of the biggest failures of SME’s according to job applicants!

Operating a flat-rate administration fee that is significantly lower than recruitment agency fees (typically 10-15% of starting salary) I work with Business owners in the Mayo, Galway, Sligo and Leitrim regions at every stage in the recruitment process to identify, assess and secure the very best talent with minimum requirement of your valuable time.

From a suite of recruitment-related services you choose what elements of the process you require assistance. Be it a Graduate position or a CEO appointment I provide expert advice and clarity throughout ensuring you too are empowered in the recruitment and selection process using only appropriate assessments throughout.

As an unbiased expert I focus solely on your companies needs with no other agenda. Saving you time, money and frustration why not call me today to discuss how I can assist your company in the hiring process.

A list of recruitment-related services includes;

  • Job description design
  • Job advertisement design
  • Advertising platform engagement and co-ordination
  • Administration – all candidate correspondence throughout the process
  • Pre-screen interviews (telephone and online platforms)
  • Job-specific profiling – customised competency assessments
  • Interview structure and competency based question design
  • Interview Panel – co-ordinate and conduct interviews with candidates
  • Candidates Reference checks
Why not call me for a free 15-minute consultation today?
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