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College Course Selection & Education Options

Never has there been greater choice or confusion about college course options.


At a time in our lives when there are far more questions than answers it seems unfair to make decisions that will have a long lasting effect on professional and personal lives.

Many students are ready for such decisions but in reality far more are not!
From CAO points to course selection and college choices to where our friends are
going. There are so many considerations that often students and their parents are
overwhelmed at this time. It’s no wonder that 1 in 4 students don’t progress past first year 1 in higher education.

I work with many secondary school leavers and mature students to help simplify and clarify the process involved in making these decisions. Others can have an input but this is YOUR life and You need to take control of these decisions.

We consider all aspects of the CAO application process to simple yet effective tests to ascertain what exactly you enjoy and WANT to make a career out of.

Finding a career that maximises your potential and personality is the key to alignment and ultimate success. I bring an unbiased and practical perspective when working with students leading to an increased sense of clarity and confidence about their possibilities.

Each of us has a genius within us and I help you find yours to create a fulfilling career and one that compliments your style and competencies rather than fitting into a mould.

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