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Start Ups

An idea without a plan is just a wish!

Starting a business is a life changer and many facets have to be considered. You might have a great idea but knowing how to turn this into a viable and sustainable business requires a lot more than the initial brainstorming session or energy burst.

From creating a compelling business plan to registering your company with Revenue there are so many demands on today’s business owner that can’t be overlooked.

Only Business owners truly know the demands from a life choice of self-employment. You can’t become an expert on all things business-related overnight and this is where Cú Chulainn Consultancy can really make the difference to your business survival.

From handling recruitment and people related issues to project and performance
management considerations you need someone who has been there and specialises in these scenarios.

Having been self-employed for nearly a decade now I have delivered training and mentoring to participants of the various versions of the Start Your Own Business workshops.

I also work closely with budding entrepreneurs in the Mayo, Sligo, Galway and Leitrim regions on behalf of many of the support agencies to help clients with their business start-up phase. Thereafter, I continue to provide ongoing Coaching or Mentoring to ensure clients remain on track with their business development.

If you would like to talk to me in confidence about an idea or plan you wish to take from conception to company creation, please click on the Appointments section for a complimentary consultation session today.

Why not book a free 15-minute consultation today?
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