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Personality Tests (Psychometric Assessments)

If you want to reach your peak, speak with me today about the various ways we can
uncover your unique personality.


“I failed the Personality Test” WRONG! You simply can’t fail a personality assessment. Each of us has a unique personality and in some instances your particular style isn’t the best fit. It’s like the saying; “horses for courses”.

Often confused with Aptitude tests which you can fail, Personality Assessments are widely used by public and private sector companies as part of the recruitment and selection process. They are designed specifically for a role type or organisational culture and used to help assess or Benchmark people’s suitability on basis.

Our personalities are made up of three distinct dimensions i.e. our intuitive abilities or core competencies, our motivations aka hidden drivers and our preferred ways of doing things i.e. making decisions, interacting with people, the pace at which we like to work and how we approach tasks.

Some things we are naturally good at whilst others we have to adapt to and accept as areas for development.

Peak performers have two common traits; Self Awareness and Authenticity.
They are aware of their many skills and many flaws and are true to the fact that some need to be harnessed whilst others need to be addressed.

To understand and more importantly maximise your unique personality we can
accurately measure your preferences on a spectrum. Once understood fully including your talents and non-talents we can review how these impact on your life and career.

I’ve learned more about myself to-date as a person and a professional by completing a personality profile than any other means. It has been profound and empowered me to accept without judgement who I am, what I’m good at and what I need to improve upon.

This allows us align our lives and careers to our personalities and create an environment that complements our preferences and clarifies our paths in life.

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