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Employee Engagement and Alignment

Only 14% of people love their job – do you know if your staff are among them?


There are 7 dimensions of motivation. Everyone has their hidden drivers or values and as a manager you need to know exactly how to reach each individual on your team to maximise their engagement and enthusiasm levels.

The issue facing many Business owners and Managers is how do I keep my team
engaged and motivated. Yet, what works for one may not work for another. In fact, it may be a de-motivator. This in turn can lead to higher dissatisfaction levels and contribute to a toxic organisational culture.

Understanding what drives the people on your team is a vital part of Leadership and People Development and Succession Planning yet so few SME’s invest in before it’s too late. This in turn often leads to higher dissatisfaction rates, lower engagement levels and huge staff turnover problems.

Using the very best of Assessment tools on the market today I can help you engage your people and create alignment between what your business needs and the employee wants. It creates a win-win scenario and results in great fulfilment levels for people and profitability for the business due to increased engagement.

The Values Index is an Innermetrix tool and is a robust measurement method allowing you and your staff clearly identify and maximise employee needs whilst increasing individual or team performance and organisational profitability levels.
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